Senbi Sara

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Yvonne Williams-Hamilton known as Senbi Sara to many of her patients has been a practicing homeopath for over 30+ years.
She now is opening her doors to you and is wants to help improve your life and lessen the pain or discomfort that you are suffering from


What is Homeopathy?

Homeopathy is natural form of medicine that is used by millions of people all over the world being used to treat both minor and severe illnesses using it's core principle "like cures like".

This is where a substance taken in small amounts will cure the same symptoms it causes if taken in large amounts.

A homeopath unlike a traditional doctor will always treat each patient as a whole, with their body, mind, spirit and emotions are all considered in the management and prevention of disease.

Only after taking these factors into account will a homeopath select the most appropriate medicine, and as homeopathic medicine is natural it won't cause side effects like some antibiotics and other traditional medicines.

Treatment is very similar to a conventional doctor with the main difference being that a homeopath will be interested in you and how your unique symptoms affect you.

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