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At Care by Jords we not only want to provide our customers with endless amounts of value from the products we create and the education that we provide but we wanted to make sure that as a business we are firing on all cylinders.

When we say firing on all cylinders we mean as in a good business that takes responsibility for the impact on its environment the people in it and the materials and ingredients used.

First part of this was creating great products that are made from sustainable, natural and organic ingredients. The second which I am here to discuss with you now is our packaging.

A lot of people don't know how damaging the the plastic packaging a lot of our personal care products come in causes. A large proportion of these plastics are unable to be recycled.

As a result we decided to package majority of our products in Miron glass. We choose this glass as it prevents UV light from reaching the contents and preserves the ingredients for longer than regular packaging.

The idea with this is that when someone purchases a product with this packaging they would keep it as it would hold its value as the is a market and demand for resale.

After that initial purchase there is either the option to keep for example a jar and buy refill pouches in the future or send it back to us for recycling in a prepaid pack sent to you after your fourth purchase.

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