Our Story


I’m Jordan and together with my mom I started YvonsGift a natural skincare company with the goal of helping people to love themselves.


It all started with my mum giving me the greatest gift ever.


The gift of confidence.


I have struggled with eczema and acne all my life and it always affected how I felt about myself.


My mom with a background in treating people with natural remedies and therapies for as long as I can remember, used her knowledge to change my life.


At home together during lockdown we created a lotion that treated my eczema and cleared away my acne.


Instantly I felt bolder, braver and more confident in myself. Applying the lotion felt like putting on armour that would help me take on any obstacle in my way.


My mom believes that no one should ever live without self-confidence as it leads to self-doubt, anxiety, hesitation, missed opportunities and a diminished sense of self-worth.


I share that belief which is why embarked on this journey.


To share the gift that she gave me.


To share the gift of confidence.


Since starting we have appeared on BBC several times, won awards for our products and received over 600 five ⭐️ reviews.


Our products have helped people that suffer with eczema, dermatitis, acne, psoriasis, rosacea and much more.


I hope that you join us on our mission to share the gift of confidence.


To share YvonsGift.


To join us on our mission follow us on social media @yvonsgift.