Discover how to make your skin glow in Zoom meetings with our latest skincare routine

Discover how to make your skin glow in Zoom meetings with our latest skincare routine

As more and more people join more and more Zoom meetings thanks to the global lockdown and pandemic, more and more people are in turn looking at ways to help make their skin glow in the digital world.

We have skincare regimes that help make us look that much healthier and more positive in the real world, but these approaches sometimes don’t work as well in full High Definition.

We have put together four products, made by Care by Jords, we think you need to help provide you with a unique skincare routine that guarantees glowing skin (and by association improved body positivity and confidence) in your next Zoom meeting.

Want to make a big impression, read all about how our products can help give you the “wow” factor:

Natural Rose Water & Aloe Vera Facial Mist – Make Your Skin Look Hydrated for those Early AM ZOOM Meetings

This is a unique blend of natural ingredients, rose water and aloe vera, which work together to provide an “instant pick me up” at any time of the day. The hydrating mist locks in moisture and it helps to accentuate moist smooth and healthy skin all day long. It can help give your face a moist glow during last-minute Zoom conference calls. This way you can wow your audience by looking great and feeling positive inside.

Nourishing and Cleansing Oil – Make Your Pores Look Great in Ultra High Definition

Technology is great, but high definition ZOOM calls can sometimes be a little painful – especially if you worry about your pores – and the fatty acids and blackheads that can sometimes impact on your body confidence. The Nourishing and Cleansing Oil, an all-time favourite here at Care by Jords, uses organic ingredients to help keep pores moisturised and cleansed making your skin look brighter and healthier, even in stunning HD!

Hydrating Face & Body Lotion – Get That Supple and Silky Skin Feeling Just in Time for Zoom Meetings

Maintaining a skincare regime that keeps your skin looking hydrated and silky smooth can be challenging – especially during lockdown. The more we work from home, with Zoom meetings daily, we need a skincare regime that helps lock-in moisture for 24hrs meaning you have got one less thing to worry about. Our hydrating face and body lotion can manage to give you that silky skin feeling without that oily feel. The unique blend of organic ingredients can help repair the skin acid mantle, which helps protect the skin from harmful bacterium, the kinds that cause acne and other conditions.

At Care by Jords, we embarked on a journey, with a mother-son co-founding team, who have helped to identify skincare methods that benefit people with an aim to promote a body positive outcome through the creation of skincare products that help to accentuate individuality whilst at the same time reducing individual skincare problems. The results have had a big impact on thousands of our customers – day in and day out.

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