Cheapest and most effective step to achieving clearer and smoother skin

Cheapest and most effective step to achieving clearer and smoother skin

Have you washed your face today? Did you last night?

washing face skincare routine

Questions most of us are used to answering throughout our childhoods but how and why is cleansing your skin that important.

  1. Reduces and prevents acne 
  2. Rids the skin of dirt and grime (inc. makeup)
  3. Prevents premature signs of ageing (by removing pollution from the skin, pollution can lead to free-radical damage something that causes premature signs of ageing)

Your skin is your largest organ it covers your body from head to toe it protects you, regulates your body temperature,prevents dehydration to name a few of the things it does.

It is important when it comes to first impressions as just looking at someone’s skin can already tell you a lot – for example, about their age and health, signs of a medical condition.

⬆️ This is so important especially today as first impressions are even more important and we are ever more pressed for time and have 10x the amount of distractions to deal with.

Emphasising the need to wash and cleanse the skin.

 After a long day at work, night out or your simply tired in the morning sometimes it does feel like a myth lol but it is soo important.

  • Benefits that you will receive from regular washing and cleansing are:
  • Boosted hydration
  • Consistently clear skin
  • Healthy dewy look
  • Minimise size of pores
  • Prevents excess oil production
  • Balances pH level of skin
  • Prepares skin for other products so you can really get the best results

Now there’s many ways to cleanse and wash your skin the main thing that you need to take note of when doing so is.

To do what’s right for your skin type and use ingredients that are best suited to you.

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