Maskne | Acne caused by Masks | All you need to treat & prevent it!

Maskne | Acne caused by Masks | All you need to treat & prevent it!

Maskne: Preventing Face Mask Acne


Over the last few months, we have all had to get used to the idea of wearing face masks in public. The pandemic has seen COVID-19 change the shape of the world and now cloth face coverings have become a common sight that is likely to stick around for some time.


Covering your face for long periods of time can lead to irritated skin, breakouts, and rashes and this group of irritating skin conditions known as maskne. Thankfully, there is no need to suffer, there are some steps you can take to ensure that your skin remains free from breakouts even with regular mask use.


Why Does Maskne Occur?


Covering your face leads to moisture building up as you breathe in and out. Although masks have been proven to be safe, it doesn't mean they are without irritation. Extra moisture can clog pores, inflamed skin and remove essential fats. you will no doubt have noticed how warm it gets under the mask, and we have been stuck in a period of unseasonably hot weather that has led to things getting worse. When you sweat, or you can build up and create problems such as cystic acne and white pustules forming. so how can you reduce your risk?


  • Up Your Cleansing Routine


It is really important that you clean your face, both before and after you wear the mask. But, no more than three times a day as this can reduce the natural oils in your skin. To help you with this we suggest our Nourishing and Cleansing Oil which cleanses your skin naturally as well as tightening and nourishing it with essential fatty acids. it also helps with controlling the natural oil production in the skin which will, in turn, avoid the dreaded maskne and helps your skin stay looking young.


  • Stay Moisturised


Skin irritation can come from under hydration so as well as ensuring that you are drinking plenty of water it is important that you treat your skin to a high-quality moisturiser that hydrate the skin without causing oily build-up. Our Hydrating Face and Body Lotion offers the perfect solution with 24-hour hydration and a nice clean matte finish. The carefully constructed formula balances the pH levels of the skin, reduces acne and helps heal scarring from previous acne trauma. It repairs the acid mantle and also protects your skin from blue light radiation.


  • Keep Make Up Light


It is then important to ensure that when it comes to your makeup you don't undo your hard work by adding oil base heavy products, so this means for now you may need to pop some foundations and other products back on the shelf.  It is time to let your natural beauty shine through and focus on big eyes an impact eye shadows to draw attention to the part of your face people can actually see.


  • Moisturise Your Lips


Of course, it is not just your skin that is covered when you wear a mask your lips are also trapped under the fabric and this can cause chapping and cracking so it's important that you don't neglect your lips and remember to add lip balm regularly throughout the day.

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