Is Lock down making Your Skin worse than ever

Is Lock down making Your Skin worse than ever

Going into this lock down we’re you also thinking that the silver lining would be that your skin would be glowing by the end of it all?

Think no make up, no damage from the environment, no stress from work that’s more than half of the causes of bad skin plus we’ve got enough time to use the clay mask we got for Christmas. Our skin should definitely be glowing by the end of this.                                                                   Healthy Skin
But that idea has been completely destroyed by constant breakouts. Skin swinging from dry to oily back to dry and a rash that we’ve never seen or heard of before.

The question is why?

Our bad isolation skin down to a number of different elements, from changes in diet, to contact with cushions and pillows, and the reason why not wearing makeup could actually be messing up our skincare.

Changes in our diet

Firstly, such as snacking on more sugary foods or drinking more alcohol than usual. These be a major factor as to why we're getting breakouts.Healthy diet
"Sugar is an inflammatory food which can cause inflammation within the body in turn affecting the skin and aggravating conditions such as acne and eczema,"
It's important to try and maintain a level of normality and limit yourself to sugary snacks and alcohol."

Bacteria from our pillows

Second, increased contact with pillows may be a key reason why we're getting spots.
"When working from home, we spend more time lounging around at home in bed or on the sofa, which means our face has more contact on cushions and pillows,"
"Oil from your hair, hands, and face can build up over time on the surface of pillowcases, and while this oil keeps your skin healthy and moisturised in normal amounts, rubbing in old oil can clog the pores."Pillow cases and dirty bed sheets
To combat this, make a habit of washing your linen more than usual "as bacteria lingering on fabrics along with friction can lead to breakouts".

Slacking on skincare

You'd think that giving your skin a break from makeup would mean that it can breathe and eventually clear itself up.
"We may not be wearing makeup as often, but this does not mean we should forgo our skin care routine," washing your face with water just won’t do it.
Natural cellular build up will still be taking place, and this must be exfoliated to prevent clogged pores and breakouts."
The best advice? Cleanse, tone, moisturise.

Stress and sleep

The skin expert also suggests that stress and changes to our sleeping patterns could be causing our skin to worsen.
Stress concerns over the current situation and changes to sleeping patterns may also cause hormonal imbalances within the body, which can in turn lead to breakouts," she says.
"Try to keep a routine and get a minimum of 8 hours of sleep a to maintain hormonal balance."


Finally, your daily Insta Live workout could be playing with your skin, provided you aren't following the right post-workout procedures.Home work out
Just because your class isn't happening at a gym, doesn't mean you should wait to shower (or put it off altogether), as sitting sweat can lead to clogged pores.
"Sweat can lead to clogged pores, so ensure you take the time to shower afterwards and cleanse your skin. You should also disinfect your mat or the floor after your workout to prevent a build up of bacteria,"
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