How to keep your hands soft supple throughout this crisis

How to keep your hands soft supple throughout this crisis

We have spoken to so many people recently about how because of the current times and increased amount at which they are having to wash their hands their hands have become dry and sore.

Sore dry and cracked hands

Unfortunately their isn’t much we can do about what’s happening right now but there is something we can do to prevent having sore, dry and cracked hands.

Here are our top 4 tips for getting rid of the cracks in your hands to leave them soft and supple.

1. Wash gently

You need to wash your hands to keep healthy,  BUT you need to do it gently. Choose a moisturising hand wash or one that’s made for sensitive skin. Try to avoid soap and hand washes that use sodium laureth sulphate (look to avoid products with SLS or SLES on the label). Make sure you rinse really well because any soapy residue dries out your skin.

Washing hands with soap

2. Use Antibacterial gel sparingly

Antibacterial hand gels are definitely convenient at times like these. And we’ve all been in a situation where we may not be wearing gloves and need to wash our hands but were light years away from some soap. Try to only use the antibacterial gel for when you are desperate and there are no other alternatives. The high alcohol content is extremely drying and fast tracks dreaded cracks so a moisturiser is needed after use.
Try out our Hydrating Face & Body Lotion which is great at keeping skin moisturised without greasy any residues to keep your hands soft.


Your hands build up dead skin cells and toughen up with calluses. To keep everything turning over don’t forget to give your hands some exfoliation. It’s very easy - next time you’re having a body scrub focus some scrubbing on your hands. They will thank you for it. Coffee grounds mixed with a little oil are a great DIY option.

4. Moisturise Regularly - the most important

You hands are always fighting an uphill battle so regular moisturisation and not getting the tlc they need with everything that is going on. The best time to moisturise is after you wash your hands.
Our go-to is the Hydrating Face & Body Lotion because it not only deeply hydrates but protects your hands from moisture loss whilst being lights for non-greasy.
Bonus tip #1 - For an intensive hand treatment before bed apply a deeply hydrating oil like olive oil, rosehip, macadamia or sesame oil to your hands and pop on some cotton gloves or socks. Even better, try the Unique Hair & Body Oil. You’ll have the smoothest, softest hands in no time.
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