7 Myths About Hammam Scrub Mitts You Need to Stop Believing

7 Myths About Hammam Scrub Mitts You Need to Stop Believing

After starting an organic skincare company with my mom I've heard my fair share of myths about Hammam scrub mitts. But let me tell you, the truth is more interesting than fiction.

Don’t use an exfoliating mitt

Myth 1: Hammam scrub mitts are only used for exfoliation.

Fact: While exfoliation is the primary use of Hammam scrub mitts, they can also increase blood circulation and stimulate lymphatic drainage. Think of it as a mini massage for your skin.


Myth 2: Hammam scrub mitts are harsh on the skin.

Fact: These mitts are designed to be gentle while effectively removing dead skin cells and impurities. Just adjust the pressure according to your skin type and sensitivity.


Myth 3: Hammam scrub mitts are only suitable for certain skin types.

Fact: They can be used on all skin types, including sensitive skin. Choose the right mitt for your skin type, as some may be too abrasive for certain conditions.


Myth 4: Hammam scrub mitts should be used daily.

Fact: Overuse can damage the skin and disrupt its natural barrier. Use once or twice a week, depending on your skin's needs.


Myth 5: Hammam scrub mitts can replace regular soap or body wash.

Fact: They are not a replacement, but should be used in conjunction with these products to ensure thorough cleansing and moisturizing.


Myth 6: Hammam scrub mitts are difficult to use.

Fact: They are easy to use, requiring no special skills or techniques. Wet the mitt with warm water, add soap or body wash, and massage in circular motions.


Myth 7: Hammam scrub mitts are only used in traditional hammam baths.

Fact: They are a popular tool for exfoliation and skincare in many cultures around the world and can be used at home as part of your regular skincare

Exfoliating mitt

Our Hammam Exfoliation Scrubbing Mitt is the perfect tool for gentle yet effective exfoliation. With rave reviews like "I was acc stunned!!! My skin esp my face felt and looked flawless," you won't regret adding it to your skincare routine. You can get yours now by clicking here.


There it is, the truth about Hammam scrub mitts. Don't be fooled by these myths, embrace the benefits of this versatile skincare tool. Have you used a Hammam scrub mitt? Share your experience in the comments below!

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