7 Day Meal Plan for Healthy Skin

7 Day Meal Plan for Healthy Skin

You're probably aware of which foods are generally better for your health than others, but "healthy food" isn't enough to specifically target your skin; so which foods will make your skin glow? This 7-day meal plan is sure to give you at least a few days’ worth of meals, with something for all tastes.


Day 1

- Breakfast: Fruit and spice oatmeal -

Skin benefits: Prevent Acne and fine lines by limiting sugar 

[Recipe at]: http://bit.ly/321342U

Invest in your skin with this gorgeous oatmeal & fruit breakfast

Image by Daria Nepriakhina from Pixabay 

- Lunch: Sesame tuna salad -

Skin benefits: Give your skin a smooth tone thanks to the anti-inflammatory and an antioxidant properties Tuna holds 

[Recipe at]: http://bit.ly/2NppmWE

A tuna salad a day will keep the wrinkles away

Image by FlyerBine from Pixabay

- Dinner: Pumpkin pesto pasta

Skin benefits: Rich in zinc, this meal helps to prevent skin orders like acne and eczema


[Recipe at]: http://bit.ly/2pnlZb7


TIP: Relax in the evening with a mug of green tea to help rejuvenate your skin, treat acne and reduce puffy circles.


Day 2

- Breakfast: Italian omelette -

Skin benefits: Tomatoes help to boost collagen and reduce skin roughness. Nutritional experts also claim that tomatoes protect your skin against ultraviolet lights emitted by our phones that cause signs of aging

[Recipe at]: http://bit.ly/2C0giCj

 Healthy start to the day with an Italian omlette

Image by Engin Akyurt from Pixabay 


- Lunch: Carrot soup -

Skin benefits: Carrots can fade scars and reduce blemishes as well as help moisturise your skin 

[Recipe at]: http://bit.ly/2WyD2mp


- Dinner: Lemon Herb Salmon -

Skin benefits: Holds moisture in your skin and keeps elasticity helping you to maintain a youthful glow 

[Recipe at]: http://bit.ly/36lfhmB

Savoury Lemon Herbs & Salmon

Photo by Alice Pasqual on Unsplash


Day 3 

- Breakfast: Walnut pancakes -

Skin benefits: Prevents dry, scaly skin 

[Recipe at]: http://bit.ly/2WzvnV4

 Walnut pancakes with syrup

Photo by Marta Dzedyshko from Pexels


- Lunch: Tuna stuffed bell peppers -

Skin benefits: Maintains firmness of your skin

 [Recipe at]: http://bit.ly/2JFCA0y


- Dinner: Lamb chop -

Skin benefits: Zinc contained helps to heal wounds and fade stretch marks

[Recipe at]: http://bit.ly/2BYXh3o

Lamb chop roast dinner

Photo by Chevanon Photography from Pexels


Day 4

 - Breakfast: Whole grain cereal with banana -

Skin benefits: Gives a youthful complexion

[Recipe at]: http://bit.ly/2WxRPOb

 Banana at breakfast for glowing skin

Image by Tesa Robbins from Pixabay 

- Lunch: Peanut tofu wraps -

Skin benefits: Can treat psoriasis and eczema. Regenerates cells and helps the skin to glow

[Recipe at]: http://bit.ly/334pO3u

- Dinner: Ground turkey -

Skin benefits: Reduce the signs of aging thanks to the protein in this meal that works against skin inflammation


Day 5

- Breakfast: Whole grain toast with almond butter -

Skin benefits: Contains iron which is vital for maintaining healthy skin

 Peanut butter on wholegrain toast

- Lunch: Edamame and chicken Greek salad -

Skin benefits: Reduces tired looking eyes and keeps moisture in skin

[Recipe at]: http://bit.ly/332aswh

- Dinner: Seafood chowder casserole -

Skin benefits: Helps reduce acne and protects the skin against UV rays

[Recipe at]: http://bit.ly/2pnnsOD

 A delicious seafood chowder that will make your skin glow

Image by Robert-Owen-Wahl from Pixabay 


Day 6

- Breakfast: Mushroom hash with poached eggs -

Skin benefits: Contains zinc, vital for maintaining your healthy glow

[Recipe at]: http://bit.ly/322OpEl

- Lunch: Red pepper and tomato soup -

Skin benefits: Anti-aging for your skin

Tomato soup for two

- Dinner: Greek style frittata -

Skin benefits: Improves the skin's elasticity minimising fine lines 

TIP: Add veg/potatoes on the side to make this dish into a full meal

 [Recipe at]: http://bit.ly/332aCnn


Day 7

- Breakfast: Spinach and tomato omelette -

Skin benefits: Spinach repairs skin and prevents acne and wrinkles

[Recipe at]: http://bit.ly/2PC8kaL

 - Lunch: Oysters -

Skin benefits: Contains zinc that will help skin problems from acne to eczema

 [Recipe at]: http://bit.ly/2qj1dcI

- Dinner: Chicken with honey and orange sauce -

Skin benefits: Honey is anti-aging and soothes sensitive skin when diluted with rose water

[Recipe at]: http://bit.ly/337M2l8


5 Smoothies to start your day


If you're more of a grab and go type of person when it comes to breakfast, a nutritional smoothie may be the way to go.

Quick and easy, these smoothies will benefit your skin and keep it healthy:


- Strawberry and kiwi

- Strawberry and banana

- Blueberry and walnut

- Beet, strawberry and kale

- Lemon-thyme and blueberry

 Sweeten up you day with a healthy berry smoothy


Photo by Pixabay from Pexels



Something sweet


If you have a particularly sweet tooth, you'll find it impossibly hard to find things that are tasty that don't damage your skin. With these 3 interesting sweet treats, you won't have to worry so much about the toll your skin is taking…


- Dark Chocolate Avocado Truffles -

[Recipe at]: http://bit.ly/2q8gzke


- Granny smith apples with walnuts and dark chocolate -

[Recipe at]: http://bit.ly/2WwyzRr


- Banana split muffins -

[Recipe at]: http://bit.ly/36qV3ry


Now you've reached the end of this article equipped with enough information to start beating skin issues from the inside.


Whilst some of these recipe’s will no doubt be easier than others, taking care of yourself doesn’t have to be a chore. Have fun experimenting and learning with the recipes, even if it’s only a few to begin with to get yourself going!




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