6 Common skincare mistakes preventing you from having clear and radiant skin

6 Common skincare mistakes preventing you from having clear and radiant skin

A good skincare routine can be hard to stick to. For when you have to split your time between work, kids and any other responsibilities. Who has 5 minutes spare to invest in their skin? 

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Life is unpredictable things come up, like being so tired you fall asleep with your makeup on or being so rushed for time you are unable to cleanse your skin. 

The consequence of this is that we always end up looking for quick fixes. Ways to cover up acne/blemishes that are a result, dark circles and many more. 

So what I’m getting to here is that a lot of our skincare problems are caused by common mistakes. 

1. Not using the right products 

A big part of skincare and looking after your skin preventing breakouts and other skin conditions is understanding your skin. 

Knowing what skin type you are oily, normal, dry, combination and sensitive is massive. Being able to predict how you skin reacts in different weather is key also to choosing the right products. 

Everything you use should be tailored to your skin type. 

2. Thinking that everything is a blackhead 

Resist the urge to squeeze the pores that are dotting your nose now! These dots aren’t actually blackheads. Blackheads are visibly dark and must be safely coaxed out, the little things you’re likely fixated on are actually just your pores. If you apply pressure to them, a sebaceous filament may come out (white stuff lol), but again, it’s not a blackhead, and it’s actually supposed to be there.

Pores exist for a reason, and there is a common misnomer that pores and blackheads are the same, but blackheads are actual acne.
You could stand in the mirror and pop those sebaceous filaments out all day, but they’re not acne, and they’re not dangerous.
Light exfoliants, oil cleansers and retinoids can make them appear smaller but you shouldn’t aim to completely get rid of your pores altogether as it’s physically impossible to do so.

3. Picking at spots and other skin conditions 

Trying to pop those spots that are under the skin does more harm than good in the moment and in the long term too.

The worst part about this one is that we are all guilty of it from time to time. 

The reason this can be so bad is that it can cause hyperpigmentation in the future which is s whole problem in and if it’s self. 

Picking causes injury to the skin, so even if you treat post-breakout marks, skin cells have memory so keep this in mind if you tend to pick at your skin, because later on you may have to deal with clearing up your skin again at a later date.

4. Not paying attention to signs that your skin gives you 

Funny thing is that your skin will tell you what it needs, you just have to be paying attention to it.

Remember your skin is an organ the largest organ on your body, and it’s a pretty smart. Things like dry areas oiliness, or inflammation are signs that your skin needs attention, so start listening to your skin and respecting those signs.

5. Not doing any pre or post skincare 

Before and after shaving, before and after any type of treatment you apply to your skin whether it be chemical peels or even laser treatment for example.

Pre and post care are essential to making sure that the skin heals correctly and isn’t irritated or inflamed as a result.

6. Doing too much 

Too many active products can cause irritation, breakouts, inflammation, or in the worst-case scenario, contact dermatitis (dry skin).

Exfoliating too much only irritates and inflames the skin so stick to only doing it 1-2 times a week and instead think of gentler ways to cleanse your skin. 

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