5 Surprising (and Effective) Ways to Beat Night Sweats for Good

5 Surprising (and Effective) Ways to Beat Night Sweats for Good

Fighting against the menopause

If you're a woman over 40, chances are you've experienced the unpleasant surprise of waking up in a pool of your own sweat. Night sweats, or hot flashes that occur during sleep, are a common symptom of menopause and can be caused by a variety of factors. But don't let them ruin your rest – there are things you can do to combat night sweats and get a good night's sleep.


1. Keep your bedroom cool. A room temperature of around 18.5 degrees Celsius is ideal for sleep, so try setting your thermostat to this temperature or using a fan to cool things down.

2. Wear loose, lightweight clothing. Tight or heavy clothing can trap heat and make night sweats worse, so opt for loose, breathable fabrics like cotton or linen.


3. Avoid triggers. Certain foods and drinks, such as alcohol and spicy foods, can trigger hot flashes. Keep a food diary to identify any potential triggers and try to avoid them before bed.


4. Try hormone therapy. If your night sweats are severe or disrupting your sleep, hormone therapy may be an option to consider. Talk to your doctor about the potential risks and benefits.


5. Practice relaxation techniques. Stress and anxiety can exacerbate night sweats, so try incorporating relaxation techniques like deep breathing or meditation into your bedtime routine to help you wind down.

    Final Thoughts

    Night sweats can be a frustrating and disruptive symptom of menopause, but they don't have to ruin your sleep. By keeping your bedroom cool, wearing the right clothes, avoiding triggers, considering hormone therapy, and practicing relaxation techniques, you can combat night sweats and get the restful sleep you deserve.


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