3 Skincare Ingredients to Avoid for Women of Colour

3 Skincare Ingredients to Avoid for Women of Colour

The top 3 skin care ingredients for women of colour to avoid

We all know that certain things are bad for our skin. However, what we may not realise is that some things can be particularly bad for specific skin types. This includes women of colour. 

If you are a woman of colour and want to make sure that your hair looks fantastic, then here are the 3 skincare ingredients you should avoid. 


Black skin is much more prone to drying out than other skin types, which means that it is not only essential to ensure that you moisturise your skin with a good quality moisturiser every single day. But it also means that you need to try and avoid skincare products that may cause more irritation than help. 


Fragrances are a big no-no. Heavily fragranced products can be irritating on the skin and cause it to dry out, become inflamed, and even cause breakouts. 


This particular ingredient is added to plastic, which stops it from becoming brittle. They are most commonly added to fragrances; however, they are also seen in other products such as hair spray and nail polish. It is thought that phthalates can contribute to hormonal issues and endocrine disruptors and can even be attributed to reproduction and fertility problems. 

Tough exfoliators

Exfoliating your skin is an excellent way to remove dead skin cells and keep it looking fresh and glowing. But, if you use an exfoliator that is too harsh and is too intense on your skin, then you could end up doing more damage than good. This is particularly true if you find that their skin is easily irritated or can be easily damaged. 

You can use several alternatives to exfoliate your skin, which can help to do all the good things you want (such as removing skin and product build-up) without having to worry about it ending up being sore, irritated and dry. 

Whole oats are one of the best natural exfoliants out there, and they are not only great because they are natural. They are also great because they are designed to be used on sensitive skin.

Oats for exfoliating

When choosing skincare, it is always best to try and keep things as natural as possible. Natural skincare is a sure-fire way to keep your skin feeling fresh and looking its best without worrying that it will be damaged in the long term. 

If you want to make sure that you find the right skincare ingredients for your skin type, you will want to check out the fantastic products that we have in stock here at Care By Jords. Our skincare is designed to suit the needs of women of colour and ensure that you have glowing, radiant skin that you can love to be in. 

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